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Bundle of grapes design etched on 4-3/4" octagon mirror glass coasters gift, Set of 4, with a coaster holder/ashtray included. Each coaster has anti-slip tabs on each corner. A beautiful multi-purpose silicone coaster holder/astray for cigarettes and cigars is included in a choice of three different colors, black, burgundy, and navy blue. The holder/ashtray is easy to clean and may be used indoors as well as outdoors. The perfect coaster holder and more to compliment the beautifully etched and handcrafted coasters. Each coaster has anti-slip tabs on each corner.

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Grapes Etched on 4-3/4" Octagon Mirror Glass Coasters Gift, Set of 4 & Holder

Coaster holder/Ashtray
  • How Do I Care For My Etched Glass Purchases?

    We suggest that these beautiful etched glass products be hand-washed to preserve their beauty just like fine china.



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