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Behind the scenes artist at work.
Behind the scenes artist at work.



Welcome to my love of glass etching! My name is Carmen Dorman.  I am a Glass Artist and Designer. I founded Glass Etching by Matisse in 1991, initially as a sideline to my then, primary profession, as an Official Court Reporter in the Harris County (Houston) District Courts.  


One day, while attending a court reporting reception, as I looked across the room, I spotted an ice sculpture that looked like glass and thought, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if one could preserve beautiful etching and carving on glass forever?"  Thus, the byline of "Let it be etched forever" came into existence!


After 20+ years of court reporting, I left that full-time profession and took my first step toward following my new passion of embellishing glass.  I jumped on a plane and flew across the state to Santa Fe, New Mexico to attend professional hands-on glass etching seminars under the tutelage of master glass artists to learn state-of-the-art techniques and levels of all types of professional glass etching.  The rest is history!


 ​The Business (Before)

Glass Etching by Matisse, a small, trusted, and experienced business that has been in existence for more than two decades specializing full time in professional custom glass etching services. We continue to serve our customers with quality craftsmanship and integrity but in a different manner. There's no limit to design possibilities delivering an artisan's touch and creative artist's fervor. 

I have enjoyed custom designing and etching glass along with my team that enables me to meet the most demanding tastes, whether commercial or residential.  These applications ranged from custom-etched glass window panels to mirrors, door panels ceramic tiles, granite, marble, stone, and other decorative gift accessories.


The Business (Today)

I have since moved into custom *Special Order* services in conjunction with designing and etching collections for product glassware, starting with the first designed and hand-crafted etched glass barware collection for home and gift-giving thru the online boutique, as well as adding new collections periodically for home decor accessories in the process.

The Etching Process
In reference to the glass etching process, abrasive etching which is also known as sandblasting is what is utilized in the glass etching work, as well as adding color and other embellishments for decorative purposes.


​When you hire us for professional custom *Special Order* glass etching work, you can always feel more than confident in our abilities and skills. We provide professional hand-crafted glass etching work via sandblasting techniques using a focused hands-on method of directing the flow of the abrasive as it hits the glass or another substrate. This glass etching method is currently known by the name of "abrasive etching" and more commonly known as "sandblasting".  Since we started, through time, we have established innovative and one-of-a-kind etching techniques that are highly efficient and effective.

If you're in need of amazing custom *Special Order* glass etching services in Houston, Texas call or email us. 

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