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The Glass Etching by Matisse Mission

The mission of Glass Etching by Matisse is to satisfy the needs of the most discriminating taste in etched glass accessories for home or office, or in a gift-giving setting with quality control at affordable prices and excellent service. The creations of Glass Etching by Matisse are like gems that last forever. Truly multi-faceted, creative art, yet functional in nature with precision craftsmanship, they command artistic preservation at its finest, changing the ordinary into the extraordinary and bringing you to the lighter side of life through the whimsical characters portrayed in the Animal Hyjinks Barware Collection.

​​​When you're in need of unique barware, glassware or beautiful decorative etched glass product collections for home decor, we can be of great help to you. When you need a logo etched onto any glassware or barware, for example, we can make it happen for you through custom SPECIALORDER Services.  This is great for promotional branding items!  For information on a custom *SPECIAL ORDER* and the custom etching of logos on multiples of liquor bottles, please Contact Us.


Thank you for visiting Glass Etching by Matisse, boutique, the solution to your promotional branding, as well as other decorative etched glass needs for your home or office, or gifts for any occasion.  Let some of the whimsical designs bring you over to the lighter side of life and put a smile on your face! You deserve it!

So just "Let It Be Etched Forever"!

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